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Path to Excellence

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Guiding Values

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We are exceptional caretakers
of the University’s people, finances,
physical resources and reputation.
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We provide a valuable, safe and
exceptional environment
and campus experience.
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We work in a transparent,
honest, and accountable
manner and satisfy compliance
and reporting standards.
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We demonstrate care for
our team members and
cultivate diversity, through
engagement and shared purpose.
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We facilitate organizational
change and ensure
funding for high-impact initiatives.
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We are creatively and
innovatively serving the campus.
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We actively collaborate to
develop efficient and cost-effective
systems and processes.

Excellence is not an accomplishment.
It is a spirit, a never-ending process.

Lawrence M. Miller


Quick Facts

  • 1,800 Employees
  • 1,026 Acres of Campus
  • 32 Dining Venues
  • 24,000 Parking Spaces
  • 8,860 Storm Shelter Occupancy

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